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Elite Mobile Detailing in Statesboro, Savannah, & SE Georgia

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Auto Detailing Savannah Georgia


We offer detailing, ceramic coating, and paint protection film. Click below to learn more about our services.

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Auto Detailing Savannah Georgia


Detailing, ceramic coating, and maintenance packages on all sizes of marine vessels. View our packages by clicking below.

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Auto Detailing Savannah Georgia


Detailing, ceramic coating, and maintenance packages on aircraft. Learn more about our airplane detailing services.

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Auto Detailing Savannah Georgia


Elite Mobile Detailing is a professional service located in Statesboro, GA and mobile in Southeast Georgia. We are fully equipped & experienced with the best tools and products. As experts in ceramic coating protection, our certified technicians know exactly how to give your vehicle, boat, or aircraft a boost of protection that comes with a variety of other benefits.

Using System X Ceramic Coating, your surfaces will be protected with products designed for quality, performance, and durability that lasts a long time. This enhanced protection gives your vehicle, vessel, or airplane a strong resistance against UV rays, chemicals, dirt buildup, and more!

System X Certified

Ceramic Coating Experts

One of the best ways to add long-lasting protection is by having ceramic coating applied to the surfaces. Whether you are on the road, air, or water, ceramic coating has benefits to protect your investment, allowing for ease of maintenance and retention of value.

Automotive Ceramic Coating

Shielding your vehicle from common damages caused by rocks, chips, and other road elements plays a huge role in the overall value and condition.

Protect Your Vehicle

Marine Ceramic Coating

Believe it or not, your vessel's gelcoat is a target for UV rays and other harmful elements on the water or at your dock. Ceramic coating will provide long-term protection.

Protect Your Boat

Aircraft Ceramic Coating

Protecting your aircraft's exterior with ceramic coating creates an ease of maintenance and enhanced durability in the air and on the runways.

Protect Your Aircraft

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About Us

Bryant Shivelhood, Owner of Elite Mobile Detailing

Hi, I'm Bryant Shivelhood

I'm the owner of Elite Mobile Detailing. We began in January of 2017. After strictly detailing vehicles for a few months, we realized there was also a need in the boating industry.

We did lots of research on products and processes, and then jumped in at the marinas in the Savannah area. After being mobile for more than a year and a half, we quickly realized we needed a shop. In 2018, we opened our first shop in Statesboro and hired another full-time employee. In 2022 we opened a second location, also in Statesboro.

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