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Automotive Ceramic Coating

Supreme Vehicle Protection

Our vehicle ceramic coating process will leave your vehicle glossy, hydrophobic, paint protected, and will help make your maintenance a breeze! NO MORE WAXING!

This process will remove all contaminants from your vehicle's paint as well as up to 90% of all swirls and surface scratches. All ceramic coatings go on your vehicle's Carfax. Give your ride the protection it needs today!

Elite Mobile Detailing is a certified and accredited ceramic coating installer based in Statesboro, Georgia and servicing surrounding areas. No matter if you just purchased your vehicle from a local dealership, or if you've had your vehicle for a long time, ceramic coating is recommended for you.

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What's Included?

Exterior Wash

Strip Previous Sealants

Remove Any Iron & Fallout

Water Spot/Stain Removal

Clay Bar

Paint Correction


Ceramic Coating

Starting at


Add-On Ceramic Options:
Trim, Glass, Rims, Calipers, & Interior carpet and leather.

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System X Certified

The Best Results

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Enriched Glossy Paint

A look you have yet to see in your vehicle. Enhanced glossy paint that brings out the true color.

Long Lasting Protection

This is not your average wash and wax. Ceramic coating is proven to provide results for multiple years.

Ease of Maintenance

By resisting bird droppings, bug splats, and dirt buildup, washing your vehicle will be a breeze every time.

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