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Automotive Paint Correction

Elite Mobile Detailing

Our vehicle paint correction process will bring back the luster of your paint! Our steps include a wash, stripping of all previous sealants, iron/fallout removal, water spot & stain removal, clay bar, paint correction, decontamination, and your choice of sealant.

This process will remove all contaminants from your vehicle's paint as well as up to 90% of all swirls and surface scratches.

Over time, surface scratches and swirls can appear due to improper maintenance and lack of vehicle protection. It is highly recommended to have a professional with experience in paint correction to handle this job, as they will know the proper tools needed and the right techniques to use.

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What's Included?

Exterior Wash

Strip Previous Sealants

Remove Any Iron & Fallout

Water Spot/Stain Removal

Clay Bar

Paint Correction


Sealant (Choice)

Starting at


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Bring Back the Shine

Paint Correction Options

1-Step Correction

If the scratches and swirls in your paint are minor or less severe, then a 1-step correction will be needed.

2-Step Correction

If there are severe scratches or swirls in your paint, then a minimum of 2-steps will be needed as a solution.

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