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Automotive Detailing

Exterior & Interior Services

Getting a full detail on your vehicle means we will thoroughly clean and condition the interior and exterior using the best quality products on the market. After a wash & dry, we'll apply a polymer wax / hybrid sealant which will add more longevity to the detail, giving you a clean shiny look for a longer period of time.

Whether you are looking to get a deep clean on your vehicle because you are planning to sell it, or if you simply just want that new car feeling again, Elite Mobile Detailing is Statesboro and Southeast Georgia's #1 choice for automotive detailing services. Call us today or book on our site to schedule your next service.

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Full Detail

Complete Wash & Dry

Polymer Wax/Hybrid Sealant

Vacuum Interior

Wipe Down Interior

Dash & Door Condition

Window Cleaning (Inside & Out)

Tire Dressing

Water Spot Removal
(+ $50)

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